www.we want waffles #1

www. is an artistic research project and a performance trilogy working within the information society and the issues affecting us in the digital era. To do this, we seek intersections between our online daily life and the artistic creation, using digital tools to rethink virtual communication and interactivity.

www.we want waffles #1 plays with different formats, inhabiting a hybrid field between installation and performance. It explores the production of images and sounds from digital platforms, creating a contemplative journey about how we deal with the information age and a new era of productivity. This object offers an encounter with the visitor-spectator, finding pleasure in the limits of boredom while surfing into growing alienation.


◖+◗Creation: João Estevens ◖+◗In collaboration with: Bartosz Ostrowski, Blanca G. Terán, João Abreu and Mafalda Miranda Jacinto ◖+◗Image: André Picardo ◖+◗Production: Associação Cultural Rabbit Hole ◖+◗Co-production: Festival Temps d’images ◖+◗Support: Forum Dança ◖+◗Artistic residency: O Espaço do Tempo (PT)