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27 Feb 2022 | Pedro's Karaoke Bar
-Em Missão (emission/in mission) is an act with radio intentions that aims to address the contents normally exploited by radios, … Continue reading "Em Missão"
25 Feb 2022 | Planeta Manas
-The music label suspension of Pedro Marum (Rabbit Hole) and BLEID invited x artist Peachlyfe to produce an album of … Continue reading "EP “Against All Reason” in the music publishing house “suspension”"
18 Jan 2022 | TBA - Teatro do Bairro Alto
C\:>how2become (data) & dissolve_into: ‘tears’
A transmedia performance in 4 chapters
-In C\:>how2become (data) & dissolve_into: ‘tears’ performance and performativity migrate from the physical space into the virtual realm. The performers’ bodies and … Continue reading "C\:>how2become (data) & dissolve_into: ‘tears’"
27 Dec 2021 | MANTA
The Year of Abundance
[work in progress]
-“The Year of Abundance” is a crossover project between documentary recording and self-fiction processes. This work brings together archive footage … Continue reading "The Year of Abundance"
10 Dec 2021 | Planeta Manas
Infinity Rug
Sound Séance, Music, performance, readings, mental health
-Infinity Rug creates a space where music, performance, readings come together to forge a space of collective learning and mutual … Continue reading "Infinity Rug"
09 Dec 2021 | Rua das Gaivotas 6
-  “Sugar Coating” is an attempt to make the future sweeter, while we are waiting to die. Or a manifest … Continue reading "Sugar Coating"
09 Dec 2021 | Rua das Gaivotas 6
-by João Estevens ‘what if I couold dance, what if we could dance?’ is a performance about autobiography and fiction, … Continue reading "what if I could dance, what if we could dance?"
09 Dec 2021 | Rua das Gaivotas 6
-TRIPLE BILL is the bill that god made, it’s the triangle of reunification, it’s the three sad tigers, but let’s … Continue reading "Triple Bill"
09 Dec 2021 | Rua das Gaivotas 6
-“Sugar Coating” is Mafalda Miranda Jacinto’s first publication, with poem-texts that reveal her singular and individual fragility. In a tone … Continue reading "Sugar Coating (book)"
09 Dec 2021 | Rua das Gaivotas 6
-“Putaquepariuestamerda” is both Mariana Nobre Vieira’s old computer password and a zine we created with her texts and other contributions … Continue reading "putaquepariuestamerda (zine)"
17 Nov 2021 | Rua das Gaivotas 6
-The expansion of digital culture and the densification of the technocultural context in the last decades have brought the performing … Continue reading "Performing Arts and Digital Culture (publication and seminar)"
20 May 2021 | AMAS - Auditório Municipal António Silva (Sintra, PT)
-In a digital world, how to connect? In a time of productive action, when to stop? In the overload of … Continue reading "Lost in Cyberia Pro1.2"
10 May 2019 | Performance Art Depot
-CRIME AND PUNISHMENT – Did you read the book? – I did. – Did you really? – A bit. – … Continue reading "Crime and Punishment"
14 Dec 2018 | Studio 14 Uferstudios Berlin
-Congratulations, it’s your graduation! A graduation can be: the receiving or conferring of an academic degree or diploma. the action … Continue reading "Graduation Piece"
30 Nov 2018 | Temps d'Images
-www. is an artistic research project and a performance trilogy working within the information society and the issues affecting us … Continue reading "www.we want waffles #1"
13 Oct 2018 | Rua das Gaivotas 6
-“One’s company, two’s a crowd and three’s a party.” (A.W.) ENDLAND is a space with boundaries. A playground cage. Endland … Continue reading "ENDLAND"
12 Oct 2018 | Rua das Gaivotas 6
-A wormhole can be visualized as a tunnel with two ends, each at separate points in spacetime. It could connect … Continue reading "The Wormhole"
12 Oct 2018 | Gaivotas6
Artistic Platform
-Young Emerging Performers CONCLAVE Rabbit Hole OCTOBER 12-14, 2018 FRIDAY and SATURDAY | 6:30PM & SUNDAY | 6PM Rabbit Hole … Continue reading "Conclave"
21 Sep 2018 | 49 ZDB
-I know what you did on the dancefloor. Farewell party with the participating artists of (Re)union 2018 @ 49 da … Continue reading "I know what you did on the dancefloor // (RE)UNION"
14 May 2016 | Rua das Gaivotas6
-TERRÁRIO 〖Rua das Gaivotas 6 ◊ 14-28 May 2016〗 Terrário was an installation built in Rua das Gaivotas6 that posed as … Continue reading "Terrário"
19 Dec 2015 | Titanic Sur Mer
Pigeon Parade
Artistic Platform
-The pigeons and all the crawling creatures come out of the closet! They take the streets! They dive in the rubbish … Continue reading "Pigeon Parade"
02 Dec 2015 | Rua das Gaivotas6
-CÁPSULA (Capsule) In CÁPSULA (“Capsule”) a choreographic approach was merged with the process of devised theatre, where movement phrases were … Continue reading "CAPSULE"
05 Jul 2015 | Fontória
-What’s that Kiki Function? It’s for Butch Queens, Post Porn Cyborgs, Trashed Mannequins, and Proto Channel. It’s for everyone, from … Continue reading "Kiki Function w/ the house of melody"
19 Jun 2015 | Galeria Zé dos Bois
Artistic Platform
-“A decentering of the human also comes with an equal shift onto a concern with the properties of nonhuman beings … Continue reading "alieNATION"
12 Dec 2014 | Fontória
Artistic Platform
-More chaotic than the Black Fridays and the arrival of the Iphone 6, crazier than the Pingo Doce on May … Continue reading "Barghain"
12 Dec 2014 | ACCCA – Associação Companhia Clara Andermatt
-Five minutes of fame. Maximum. 〖Estúdios Clara Andermatt ◊ 12-14 Dec 2014〗 Eternity can be represented as an indefinite continuous duration, or … Continue reading "Five minutes of fame. Maximum"
28 Nov 2014 | Rua das Gaivotas 6
Transatlantic Delight
Artistic Platform
-Hold my purse, here comes TRANSATLANTIC DELIGHT! Giddy jumps, bearded hipsters women, all holding hands together, fake fingernails and cheap … Continue reading "Transatlantic Delight"
24 Sep 2014 | Galeria Zé dos Bois
Ororo Rises
Artistic Platform
-RABBIT HOLE AND QUEER LISBOA 18 present ORORO RISES Rabbit hole brings a new super heroine to Queer Lisboa ready … Continue reading "Ororo Rises"
12 Jul 2014 | Galeria Zé dos Bois
Biennale Artesanal
Artistic Platform
-Tucked away in Intendente lies a beautiful, secluded corner. Long ago, when men first came here, they found a soil … Continue reading "Biennale Artesanal"
25 Apr 2014 | Teatro do Bairro
-Stuck in the history of a revolution, they break through the epidermis and shout out their pleasure. From the slut … Continue reading "Revolução pelos encravados"
25 Apr 2014 | Fontória
Estágio Novo
Artistic Platform
-April 25, 2015. 41 years after the Revolution, it is time to celebrate the professional freedom achieved. All the opportunities … Continue reading "Estágio Novo"
28 Mar 2014 | Galeria Zé dos Bois + 49 ZDB
Colon of Duty
Artistic Platform
-Sir, Let it be known that the Major Captain of your fleet, as well as the other captains have written … Continue reading "Colon of Duty"
01 Feb 2014 | DNA
-Exquisite friends, fans, and all those interested, You are hereby invited to our muy especial Conferência D. Impren$a aka pirosé … Continue reading "Conferência D. Impren$a"
19 Oct 2013 | 49+ZDB
Xtreme Korea
Artistic Platform
-The propagandist aesthetics advocate the values idealized by the regime: The subordination of the individuals’ desires to the needs of … Continue reading "Xtreme Korea"
27 Sep 2013 | Ponto G
Wonderrr Nazarena
Artistic Platform
-Rabbit Hole & Queer Lisboa present WONDERRR NAZARENA Savage woman, married to herself, ornamented with heavy gold necklaces, the “nazarena” … Continue reading "Wonderrr Nazarena"
12 Jul 2013 | 49+ZDB
Artistic Platform
-Aesthetics of post-apocalypse is the new Rabbit Hole theme, an ode and a celebration to all of the previous end-of-the-worlds … Continue reading "Apocalippo"
17 May 2013 | 49+ZDB
Blair Hole Project
Artistic Platform
-A 100 year old sextape found. A sea of snot, where pubescent boys get lost. A glittering lake filled with … Continue reading "Blair Hole Project"
10 May 2013 | Teatro do Bairro
Artistic Platform
-Francisco finds some mushrooms lost among the meadows, and with them makes the path to psychadelic salvation. Jacinta, experienced with … Continue reading "Fat.Riot.Ima"
08 Mar 2013 | Teatro do Bairro
Shit Show
Artistic Platform
-Why do we recoil? On the heat of excrement we can feel the pulse of life. Take fecal matter as … Continue reading "Shit Show"
23 Nov 2012 | Galeria Zé dos Bois
Clapping Metabolism
Artistic Platform
-Mumified rabbit, started on his way to Venus. Over his fur, the fur of all other animals displayed in syntetic … Continue reading "Clapping Metabolism"
27 Sep 2012 | 49+ZDB
Dizzy Blonde’s Joy Ride
Artistic Platform
-Inspired by Berlin’s queer-trash nights, the Rabbit Hole party takes us to underground Wonderland where Alice hides vicious Pitt Bull … Continue reading "Dizzy Blonde’s Joy Ride"