Artistic Platform


“A decentering of the human also comes with an equal shift onto a concern with the properties of nonhuman beings in the world.” Ian Bogost

The alien has no notion. No notion of its nation as there’s no nation for those without a notion. We reclaim a nation for the disembodied, a body of nation for those without a body. The body has lost its ground, the ground has lost its space, the space has lost its watch. A rolex watch.

A Rolex watch is unique. Uniqueness is an antology. We must abandon the belief that human access sits at the center of being. Being has ceased to be a unique feature of human beings Because not-being is also a being as much as an outsider can be an insider.

Embrace speculative realism.
Embrace alien phenomenology.
Outsiders, come outside!
Raise the flags of alieNATION


19 de Junho, 18h00 – 3h00
20 de Junho, 21h00 – 3h00

18h: Doors OPEN

This Particular Nowhere – Part I – Some of Wigner’s Friends; Rita Macedo

19h45: DEBATE – Terraço

20h30: Noble Wood (DJ SET) – 2º Andar

21h30: Bunny Soldiers presents “Jack: Evolution of a Drag King, Part 1” (PERFORMANCE) – Aquário

21h45: Sexus 3, Marmalard (CONCERTO) – 2º Andar

23h30: Endolphin e Jnoir (DJ SET) – 2º Andar

1h00: Pedro Marum (DJ SET) – Aquário

1h30: CVLT (DJ SET) – Aquário