Conferência D. Impren$a

Exquisite friends, fans, and all those interested, You are hereby invited to our muy especial Conferência D. Impren$a aka pirosé enchanté filled with crème chantillé.

You have seen us dancing at the end of the world, singing, marching and giving new meaning to excrement. You have seen our very own super heroine, and our exclusive apparition of Fátima. But this time, it’s serious. In a spectacular, almost rejuvenating, monarquic-capitalistic press conference, we will talk about who we are, where we’re going and what the meaning of all this is, after all. Here, now, and just for you: our debut as a collective. We’re going live and official.

Special guests, stars shinning bright like diamonds, prizes, music, dinner and drinks. Everything garnished with a intemporal wardrobe: it shall be a press conference to remember, worthy of being recorded on Meo.


PS: it is important to remain calm and not touch anything.
Where you pretending to be a mattress? Say you don’t like Rabbit Hole again and I’ll punch you in yer’ face.