Music production, launch concert, workshop

EP “Against All Reason” in the music publishing house “suspension”

The music label suspension of Pedro Marum (Rabbit Hole) and BLEID invited x artist Peachlyfe to produce an album of music and perform an artist residency in Lisbon at the space Manta, co-managed by Rabbit Hole, present his artistic process in a workshop, host a harm reduction workshop in collaboration with Ravers Care Corner and finally launch his music with a release event at the space Planeta Manas, managed by the collective mina.
Over a week this project counted with the participation of several artists, about 45 participants in the workshops (free admission) and 230 for the album launch.


“Against All Reason 1” opens with an enigmatic and urgent sound manifesto that generates the ideas behind this release. Driven by the central question of Susan Schupli’s documentary “Can the Sun Lie,” Peachlyfe investigates rational thought, an issue-central also in previous releases, by challenging the cis-hetero patriarchy that dictates which bodies, tits or dixx, expressions or sounds are respectable (or not). Those who defy such canons are considered faggots, inferiors, swamp monsters. So what? Against all reason, we love the swamp!

Once the central question is defined, “Against All Reason 2” bursts the discourse through beats. The existential question is answered through galloping beats and progressively euphoric harmonies, urging the body straight into a glorious dance, followed by “Dance the Day Away” raising the stakes with its seductive rhythm overlaid with a weave of energetic sounds – undoubtedly the uplifting anthem for 2022 we needed.

“Creature Feature” is a slow, deep burn that travels through synthesizers and distant vocal echoes, eventually shaken with heart-pounding punches, giving rise to new worlds. This track gloriously closes this album that so harmoniously seems to convey contradictory feelings, creating space to joyfully embrace the unknown and sounds against all reason.



All tracks written and produced by Peachlyfe
Mastered by BLEID
Artwork by Anna Gunvor Hyttel
Text by Peachlyfe
Graphic Design by BLEID
Curated by marum and BLEID

Institutional Partner: Portuguese Republic – Ministry of Culture

Cat. No. SUSP003 – All rights reserved – ℗ & © 2022 suspension


Peachlyfe (they/them) produces hydra-sonic electronic music that has shaken & seduced the fast techno scene in Copenhagen, claiming its place together with the collectives Endurance and Fast Forward.

Peachlyfe’s productions and live sets rebelliously intertwine genres, hallucinating melodies set to heavy beats while whispering stories of dismantling the “c-system” in his ear. Their EP “All Tits are Real, All Money is Fake, All Hail Satan” is an anarchist ode, a wonderful feat of blending queer joy and rebellion.

In early 2022, Peachlyfe releases “Against All Reason” on the marum and BLEID suspension label, a 4-chapter tale through soundscapes, waves of trance and euphoria in sync with the reopening of dance floors.