Artistic Platform


Francisco finds some mushrooms lost among the meadows, and with them makes the path to psychadelic salvation.

Jacinta, experienced with her knife, cuts the wool right from the sheep’s back, and with them makes a fake beard and mustache.

Followed by the other two, Lúcia throws herself into the hole. She raises her skirts and with them makes a parachute.

Still in the dressingroom, Maria dwells on outfits that might shine in the black light, adjusts her plastic crown and paints a bindi in the exact center of her forehead.

Kneeling before the stage, the little shepards with their mouth open wide. Smoke machines and techno ballads, in between which takes place the apparition of Mary! Around her head, neons and spotlights draw an aureole.

Only one adjective has been able to describe this month of May ever since: “it was DI-VINE!”

At 11:30pm will be screened the portuguese movie ” “Fatucha Superstar – Ópera Rock… Bufa” of João Paulo Ferreira.
During the movie there is the strong chance of that Fatima might appear so make sure you don’t miss the movie along with Fatima’s secretes reveal culminating in the beginning of the party.


Jeremy Pascal (Rabbit Hole)
Pedro Marum (Rabbit Hole)