Graduation Piece

Congratulations, it’s your graduation! A graduation can be:

  1. the receiving or conferring of an academic degree or diploma.
  2. the action of dividing into degrees or other proportionate divisions on a graduated scale.
  3. a mark on a container or instrument indicating a degree of quantity.

So what are you graduating from or even into? As a future graduate in Solo Dance Authorship I have set out to curate this moment of doubt and hereby invite you for a celebration of the twilight zone that emerges from questioning dictionary notions of degrees and divisions. Are you ready?



◖+◗ CONCEPT Mariana Nobre Vieira; ◖+◗ PERFORMANCE Carrie McILwain, Clay Dresser, Katrine Staub, Lara Anais Martinez, Vilja Mihalovsky, Collective Mineralwasser; ◖+◗ LIGHT AND STAGE DESIGN André Uerba; ◖+◗ SOUND DESIGN DJ Marum, Federica Fluxx; ◖+◗ VIDEO Federica Fluxx; ◖+◗ DRAMATURGICAL SUPPORT Diego Agulló; ◖+◗ MENTORS AND TUTORS Alice Chauchat, Sandra Noeth, Siegmar Zacharias; ◖+◗ THANKS TO Rabbit Hole, Maximilian Stelzl, Nikola Pieper, Stephan Kostropetsch, Rhys Martin, all my colleagues of SODA 1 and SODA 2;  ◖+◗ PHOTO Alípio Padilha