Sound Séance, Music, performance, readings, mental health

Infinity Rug

Infinity Rug creates a space where music, performance, readings come together to forge a space of collective learning and mutual care. People are invited to bring their own rug to contribute to a constellation of rugs creating a space from domestic comfort to the public realm in order to explore new ways of listening and offering a space for reflection, rejuvenation and introspection.
Over the course of 15 hours, from sunset to dawn, multiple artists guide participating people through a soundscape of field-recordings, ambient music, ceremonial performances, texts and poetry, perfumes, textiles, and a banquet. For this iteration of Infinity Rug we will be exploring collective mourning, drawing on the experiences, skills and resources that have been developed over the past year and a half.

Infinity Rug was developed during the pandemic and follows hygiene measures adapted for COVID. Maximum capacity 50 people.




Artistic Direction and Curatorship: Lou Drago and Pedro Marum (Rabbit Hole)
Artists: Sybil, Violet, Lou Drago, BLEID, marum, Raoni Muzho Saleh, Raw Forest, Maria F. Scaroni
Production: Pedro Marum, Lou Drago, David Piçarra, Mar Cunha
Design: Daniel Pereira
Institutional Partner: Portuguese Republic – Ministry of Culture