Artistic Platform

Kiki Function w/ the house of melody

What’s that Kiki Function? It’s for Butch Queens, Post Porn Cyborgs, Trashed Mannequins, and Proto Channel. It’s for everyone, from the streets to the penthouse up in that skyscraper. Get those heels running and show us your Runway Diva – put on your worst drapes, dig out that golden, velvety cape. Don´t be shy, this is your chance to shine. We invited the House of Melody and Rabbit Hole to SLAY at Fontória and explode the closing night of “Are You for Real?”. They will host a special night with a Voguing Workshop for everyone to explore some dance moves and a Lip Sinc / Voguing Show.

In 2012 House of Melody, the first German Voguing House, was founded by Leo Melody, which now has a total of ten members in Düsseldorf and Berlin successfully representing the Voguing Culture. Their Style is distinguished by the individuality of each member and their unique Voguing shows, which combine fierce moves with glamour and elegance.