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Revolução pelos encravados

Stuck in the history of a revolution, they break through the epidermis and shout out their pleasure. From the slut to the fag, dunno, let our voices, prisoners who scream: FASCISTS!!
May there be twists to necks and powers, let bones and strucures shatter, let cough clean up throats and may a war to the dry and sober be drawn.

In 2014, we celebrate the Captainess of Abri-lo, noble one eyed hore with krokodil tears, lipstick stained dentures and basic Xanel bag. She doesn´t have a house and doesn´t even want one. She did Erasmus in the Aquashow, moved to the City, takes part in mescaline clinical trials and goes for drinks in Peniche. Born from love and revolution, fallen into a pit of beans and MD…

-I don´t think you say that!

-Yes you can.

-Yo girl it´s April, you can everything! Fucking proud of that whore.


Screening of the film “Lábio/Abril”, at 11PM. A Rabbit Hole project. Direction: Daniel Lourenço.


“The revolution did not happen for the sake of prostitutes and homosexuals.”

— Colonel Galvão de Melo

“Any appearence of the individual heart is a political occurrence.”

— Kathy Acker

Figures for fags and for feminists. Other memories of April, forged whenever necessary, so as to counterpoint the already more-than-told phallic tale, so as to complicate the terms of the bodies from which history is made.

DJ Blitzspiel

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