Sugar Coating

08 Jun
Rizoma #3 // Anjos 70


“Sugar Coating” is an attempt to make the future sweeter, while we are waiting to die. 

Or a manifest about Utopias of failure. 

Or an attempt not to forget things when future comes. 

Or a journey to reach the horizon.



◖+◗ CREATION AND PERFORMANCE Mafalda Miranda Jacinto; ◖+◗ DRAMATURGY SUPPORT João Estevens; ◖+◗ SUPPORT 1ª Edição Interferências (Companhia Olga Roriz) ◖+◗ SPECIAL THANKS TO Ana Cardoso (powerpoint remote control), Ana Correa (rehearsal feedback), Anthi Kougia (text and dramaturgy feedback), Andresa Soares (vga mac adaptors), Bruno Alexandre (Interferências team), Cárin Geada (Interferências technical team), João Leitão (text and rehearsal feedback), Josefa Pereira (dramaturgy and rehearsal feedback), Joana Horta (Interferências team), Joana Sousa (video projector), Kristine Daukste (Interferências team), Luísa Amorim (text feedback), Luís Guerra (silver curtain that I didn’t even got to use), Marlene Mendes (appears in some footage), Manón Yanes Saénz (appears in some footage, rehearsal and light feedback), Mariana Vieira (text feedback and anxiety partner), Miguel Justino (Interferências technical team), Miguel Lima (Interferências technical team), Olga Roriz (Interferências team and rehearsal feedback), Silly Season (hot glue gun), Teresa Miranda – my grandmother (flash light), Teresa Vaz (text feedback), Zoe Tsavdarides (listener and text advisor).


  • Agenda Cultural de Lisboa [+]
  • Arte Capital [+] 
  • CM ao minuto [+]
  • Diário de Notícias [+] 
  • Entrevista Olga Roriz na Sic Notícias [+]
  • Gerador [+]
  • RTP Notícias [+]