Sugar Coating (book)

“Sugar Coating” is Mafalda Miranda Jacinto’s first publication, with poem-texts that reveal her singular and individual fragility. In a tone of irony and humor, the author adds items in lists exposing her personal and feminine universe. “Sugar Coating” is adding sugar in layers, items in lists, humor in tragedies, all this to also prove that, what distinguishes the common readerx from this author will truly be little.




Author Mafalda Miranda Jacinto
Editorial coordination Rita Lamas
Editor Cláudio Buonfino
Dramaturgy support João Estevens
Proofreading Ana Correa
Design/ Visual poetry Inês Brites
Acknowledgements João Leitâo, Joana Sousa, José Vozone
Production Management Rabbit Hole
Institucional Partner República Portuguesa – Ministério da Cultura