Rua das Gaivotas 6 ◊ 14-28 May 2016

Terrário was an installation built in Rua das Gaivotas6 that posed as a living archive under construction, a strive towards the creation of a space for the interconnectedness of a performance documentation centre and the life of a neighbourhood. Amongst canonical books of performance theory we coupled thinkers from queer theory to alien agency, psychogeography and the modern city, crossing literature with filmed shots of the neighbourhood surrounding Rua das Gaivotas6 in a notion of extended performance and daily choreographies.

In this way Terrário also aimed to consider the site-specific situation of a geographical area of Lisbon in the process of gentrification and to reflect upon the way artistic interventions such as itself contributed for it. This reflection was aided by the presence of books and articles on the topic as well as by the intervention of Paula Sá Nogueira (Cão Solteiro theatre company) who gave a performative guided tour through the archive and the neighbourhood, exposing the recent exotification of Lisbon and its inhabitants. This performance was recorded and incorporated into Terrário itself for future visitors to have access to.

Terrário is still a place to be inhabited, a networked ecosystem of symbiotic relations with unstable properties which asks itself whether it is built on history, being documental and specific or if it can be seen as a place for the rewriting of past, knowledge and of what an archive can be(come). The installation was showcased through the month of May 2016 and the books and articles acquired as well as the videos shot are now part of Rua das Gaivotas6´s documentation centre.



◖+◗ ARTISTIC CREATION AND DIRECTION João Estevens, Mariana Nobre Vieira, Miguel Ribeiro e Pedro Marum;

◖+◗ WITH João Estevens, Mariana Vieira, Miguel Ribeiro e Pedro Marum, Marshal McLuhan, Ian Bogost, O Bairro, Richard Schechner, Paula Sá Nogueira, Judith Butler, Poço dos Negros, Bruno Latour, Sara Orsi, Thomas McEvilley, Claire Bishop, Francisco Belard, entre outrxs

◖+◗ IMAGE Joana Sousa, Pedro Marum

◖+◗ PRODUCTION Rabbit Hole e Rua das Gaivotas6

◖+◗ SUPPORT Programa BIP/ZIP, Horto do Campo Grande

◖+◗ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 49 ZDB, José Capela, João Pedro Vale, Frederik Becker, Clara Antunes, Cristina Correia, Marta Duarte Frade, Miguel Loff Barreto, Rita Caldeira, Sandra Alvarez.