Artistic Platform

Xtreme Korea

The propagandist aesthetics advocate the values idealized by the regime: The subordination of the individuals’ desires to the needs of the collective. In the Mass Games, the praise for color, rhythm, synchronicity and acrobatics exhilarate and make us shudder. Mission accomplished. A smashing force that moves a country and millions of spectators. It is this shudder and (co)motion that Rabbit Hole proposes for this party. Let us drink to legs and limbs that bend in an unbridled respect-fear-devotion. The art of the collective in the promotion of a Grand Beauty. Dreams of princess-boys, farfetched fetishes, wills and wants of a sense of belonging.

In this Rabbit Hole we want to celebrate our apparent freedoms. Come and chose! Late afternoon sun from 6PM, followed by the screening of the documentary “A State of mind” at 7PM: A chance to appreciate and consider the power of collective aesthetics and the apotheosis of socialist realism extravaganza in North Korea´s mass games. How far can a State go in the mastery of its country´s psyche? How much can performance and the entertainment industry function as a vehicle for the indoctrination of an ideology? Don´t we see these games being played out every day in front of our own very eyes? Where, how? May we wander and ramble on these and other issues through the debate that will follow the movie´s screening, with the necessary nectars to quench our thirsts and hungers.

Action follows thought, and at Rabbit Hole we love action..! We promise fun at our Xtreme Karaoke at 10PM, after which we will host the performative proposals given by those who decided to dare in this space of openness. Watch, talk, think, sing, dance, celebrate! On the 19th of October 2013, let us play our games and dance until liberation in this show that knows no end.