Lost in Cyberia Pro1.2

In a digital world, how to connect? In a time of productive action, when to stop? In the overload of information, where do we stand? www. is an artistic research project and a performance trilogy working within the information society and the issues affecting us in the digital era. To do this, we seek intersections between our online daily life and the artistic creation, using digital tools to rethink virtual communication and interactivity.

In Lost in Cyberia Pro1.2 the performer is hidden behind the screen. There is only the internet and an omniscient narrator of images, sometimes lost in the description of cities by night, sometimes struggling to cope with some online loneliness. By embodying a drone spirit, it proposes a virtual tour around the world with the visitors, trying to create a connection and a common shared experience that both the visitors and the ‘absent’ performer will never forget. Take your time.



◖+◗CREATION AND PERFORMANCE João Estevens; ◖+◗VIDEO João Cristóvão Leitão; ◖+◗PHOTOGRAPHY Alípio Padilha; ◖+◗PRODUCTION Rabbit Hole; ◖+◗SUPPORT Fundação GDA, YEP-Young Emerging Performers; ◖+◗ARTISTIC RESIDENCY O Espaço do Tempo (PT), Rua das Gaivotas6 (PT) ◖+◗ INSTITUCIONAL PARTNER (2021) República Portuguesa – Ministério da Cultura