Performing Arts and Digital Culture (publication and seminar)

The expansion of digital culture and the densification of the technocultural context in the last decades have brought the performing arts into confrontation with other languages, aesthetics, political relations and artists. Without ‘cookies’ or ‘plugins’, this set of texts proposes an open reflection on the topic, freely navigating through themes (representations of the self, creation of fictions, composition of dramaturgies, interactivity, uses of cyberspace) and mapping paths, perceptions and practices existing in the multiple relations between performing arts and digital culture.

Thus, an event was created where a book with the same name was launched, as well as conversations and performances that reflected in a broad and plural way on the theme.

You can purchase the book through SNOB bookstores.



17 NOV

6 PM  Launching of the book Artes Performativas e Cultura Digital, ed. João Estevens (Rabbit Hole) and Montanha + Talk with the authors
The book will be on sale at Rua das Gaivotas 6 throughout the 3 days
9 PM  Performance Lost in Cyberia Pro1.2 by João Estevens

18 NOV

5.30 PM  Ongoing installation-performance Measurability by Daniel Pinheiro
6 PM  Conversation with Patrícia Azevedo Silva, Francisco Frazão & Luísa Sol (PT) + Last night technology saved live art with Ana Veiga Riscado, Ant Hampton & João Estevens (EN)

19 NOV

6 PM Online conversation with Patrícia Azevedo Silva & Britt Hatzius (EN with PT subtitles). You can access to the full video conversation here.
7.30 PM  Performance what to stream_when we all float //compost by Bartosz Ostrowski in dialogue with Jan Kanty Zienko


Event hosted by João Estevens (Rabbit Hole)
With Ana Libório, Ana Veiga Riscado, André e. Teodósio, Ant Hampton, Bartosz Ostrowski, Britt Hatzius, Clara Gomes, Daniel Pinheiro, Francisco Frazão, Jan Kanty Zienko, José Vozone, Luísa Sol, Patrícia Azevedo Silva, Rita Lamas, among others.
Authors: Ana Libório, André e. Teodósio, Carlos Oliveira, Clara Gomes, Daniel Pinheiro, Eunice Gonçalves Duarte, João Estevens, Mariana Viterbo Brandão, Odete, Paula Caspão, Raimundo Cosme/Plataforma285, Raquel André
Book edited by Montanha and Rabbit Hole
Institucional Support: República Portuguesa – Ministério da Cultura
Support: República Portuguesa – Cultura I DGARTES – Direção-Geral das Artes



4 de Novembro de 2021 – Cultura de Borla
E-cultura: Artes Performativas e Cultura Digital de João Estevens (Rabbit Hole) 
Domínio Público (Rubrica) de 17 Nov 2021 – RTP Play