Artistic Platform

Shit Show

Why do we recoil? On the heat of excrement we can feel the pulse of life. Take fecal matter as a symbol of Genesis, fibers by which God created us and through which we renovate ourselves. We accept who we truly are – made of saliva, sweat and all sort of fluids. Our sound is the orchestra of gases and grinded food, putrefying and traveling our bowels. Our taste, the sum of all parts, with a pinch of a salty and spicy scents.

The base of Love lies in each one’s interior exploration: from the hairy surface to the moisty deeps. Some dig holes up to their shoulder in order to reach their lovers’ heart. Because that’s where the soul lives, among the pumping muscles and vessels, under the fat, swirling in bile. On Shit Show, we dig deeper than we ever did in any Rabbit Hole. On Shit Show we demand more than nakedness, we demand the kind of freedom that lies inside our bodies. One that requires the summoning of ripped off skin, blood and nails.

Tonight we’re more than a romantic couple. We are true synchrony with the World, we’re the Dump in Venice.


João Robalo
Jeremy Pascal (Rabbit Hole)
Pedro Marum (Rabbit Hole)